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White Corriedale Fleeces

Our flock is carefully hand sheared by Kevin Ford, whose technique and skill virtually eliminates second cuts.  Kevin sheared our flock during February of each year.  We sell whole skirted fleeces only, averaging between seven and twelve pounds.  Skirted means clean useable fleeces with all undesirable belly, leg and neck wool, straw and hay chaff removed before weighing and shipping to you!  Call or e-mail us regarding fleece availability.  Occasionally we have remnant fleeces left over from our spinning workshops which are available at less than whole fleece prices.  Our fleeces are not 'covered' fleeces and are not recommended for spinning in the grease.

Key benefits...

Hand sheared - minimum second cuts

Fully skirted - you pay for useable fleece only

We accept reservations for specific fleeces


Kevin Ford's hand blade technique in action... 

Grading definitions

Our fleeces are priced based upon our own grading criteria which includes factors such as staple length, fineness, crimp, and overall uniformity.

Classic Medium: a typical Corriedale fleece with good crimp, staple and elasticity, priced at $8.00 per pound.

Fine: a finer Corriedale fleece, leaning more toward Merino, with greater crimp and elasticity, priced at $10.00 per pound.

Very Fine: an exceptionally fine Corriedale fleece with fine crimp and very soft, priced at $15.00 per pound.

Award Fine: an exceptional fleece that has placed in the top three of its class in a major competition, e.g., Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, N.A.I.L.E., priced at $20.00 per pound.

Fleece and Wool Products Pricing...

We will process any of our uncommitted remaining year 2008 shearing into fine wool top, roving and quilting battings.  Our next shearing will be in early February 2009.  Reservations are now being accepted.  

Our fleeces, combed wool top, carded roving and wool quilting battings are available at the farm and by mail order:

Product Half Pound Pound
White Corriedale Carded Roving $22.00 $40.00
White Corriedale Combed Top (as available) $24.00 $42.00
Wood Drop Spindle Spinning Kit with washed and carded wool $21.00 $33.00
Shipping and handling (priority mail) $5.95 $7.95

Wool quilting battings in crib, twin, double, queen and king sizes, call or e-mail us for price and availability.

Fleeces, call or e-mail us for type availability.

We currently have no pelts available... our tanner has succumbed to the E. P. A. and has gone out of business!


Shearing Day:  Off with their coats!


Kevin's Book... and others!

Shearing Day: Sheep Handling, Wool Science, and Shearing with Blades

For those of you who appreciate the art of hand blade shearing, Kevin has published a book, entitled “Shearing Day.”   This lovely book, covering the topics of Sheep Handling, Wool Science and Shearing with Blades in great detail, is available directly from Kevin. To order directly from Kevin, the cost is $29.95 plus $2.50 for postage and handling. Contact Kevin Ford, Warner Hill Road, Charlemont, MA 01339, or give him a call at: (413) 339-4725.


Farmer Brown Shears His Sheep


by Teri Sloat, illustrated by Nadine Bernard Westcott

This book, a yarn about wool, is a delightful and beautifully illustrated children's book that follows the plight of Farmer Brown's sheep loosing their fleeces.  The solution to the shivering flock's dilemma is as colorful as the story of their plight!  A perfect gift for bedtime reading.  We still have a few copies of this out-of-print book available in the Studio Shop.

Teri Sloat is not stranger to sheep and other farm animals; she and her husband have raised many themselves. She is the author of two other Farmer Brown books.  Nadine Bernard Westcott also raised sheep and lived through the process of making yarn from fleece. Her funny pictures can be found in the other Farmer Brown books.

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