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Welcome to Elizabeth's ornamental Octagon Garden... we began work on this project four summers ago and we anxiously await each Spring to see how the garden continues to grow and surprises us.  Walk with us and enjoy the beauty of this lovely little spot on our hilltop... it is just a few short steps down from our driveway and you can then circle the gazebo and walk through the garden...

Here we are at the bottom of the garden, with a wide angle view looking east, toward the gazebo. The garden is populated with a wide variety of perennial plants and shrubbery, including hosta, hollies, pyracanthia, laropia, cotoneaster, various ornamental grasses and, best of all, a collection of beautiful and colorful day lilies, with a scattering of gladiolas, cone flowers, daisies, dahlias and other annuals sprinkled throughout for seasonal variety.

Below, Saint Francis, the Patron Saint of the Animals, looks after our collection of critters and, hopefully, encourages them to forage in the fields and not in our garden!  Please enter our garden, but walk softly...

In the following galleries, you will find close-ups of most of our collection, photographed live in the garden.  Many of these delightful and beautiful plants came to us from generous friends, and we think of each-and-every-one of you whenever we stroll through the garden. Thanks to all who have favored us with these many lasting gifts, and we invite everyone to visit the garden in person to see for yourselves these beauties up close and personal!


Daylily Varieties


Midnight Orange TB0453A Brocaded Gown

Apple Tart

Bama Music

Bittersweet Holiday

Buffy Doll


Siloam Button Box

Song Sparrow

Hall's Pink

Rocket City



Soft Lavender

Shadow Dance


Good Impression

Little Bugger Eeenie Weenie Franz Hals

Lavender Eyes


Late Plum

Photo Shy



Golden Gate

Pardon Me


Hosta Varieties


Nigrescensi Paul's Glory Sum and Substance
Frances Williams Wedgewood Big Daddy


Perennial Varieties


Lavender Dahlia

Butterfly Blossoms

White Dahlia


Caladium Collection


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