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Year 2012 Corriedale Breeding Stock Price Schedule

... as available

Stock Price Comment
Ewe lambs (3-4mos) $250.00 project lambs as available
Ram lambs (3-4 mos) $225.00 project lambs as available
Junior Yearling rams (5-12mos) $350.00  
Junior Yearling ewes (5-12mos) $375.00 multiple (twin or triplet)
Senior Yearling ewes (12+ mos) $400.00 single
Senior Yearling ewes (12+ mos) $425.00 multiple (twin or triplet)
Selected Stud Rams $300.00 -$800.00 As available


  • We operate a closed flock, and do not fit or show our stock.  We shear our flock annually in February.

  • Multiple ewes have a higher probability of producing multiple lambs.

Below, several of our selected rams...

Shorn yearling rams:  Photo by James Calder - http://jamescalder.smugmug.com/

Big Guy and six yearling rams prior to shearing...

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