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Christmas Ewe by RonChristmas 2011...


Global warming, you say?

Indeed!!!  After years of frigid December weather, this Christmas Eve, we are enjoying a temperate, almost balmy day, weather wise... eureka!

But we're getting a little ahead of ourselves... winding the clock back to last February, we had a busy time...

Despite a bum hip, and a steroid shot fix to Ron's keester, we have a new laminate flooring in the studio.  Alex arrived in time to give us a hand installing it and with the cussing held to a minimum... it looks pretty good!

We lost another large oak due to a wind storm... straight across the road near the house.   We lost power for a while, but no serious damage... unless you were the tree!   Ron has been considering having some timbering done to thin out some of the older trees on the place... we thinks it is time!

Ron also did a pirouette off a step ladder while making some repairs to the stock barn roof... nothing broken, but another big bruise on his already aching keester... getting too damn old for this stuff!

Sadly, we lost Mac and Wil this year... they were the last of the Mohicans: the last of our bred working Border Collies.  We will miss them, particularly Ron.  They were his boys.

With the ebb and flow of life here on the farm, we mourned our loss, but celebrated life anew...

Our daughter Eva and granddaughter Gina arrived for a visit just in time to see the first lambs of the season being born.  Telle est la vie: such is life...

A new rescued dog, Luke, joined us following the loss of our last two Border Collies.  Luke really wasn't a rescue as much as he was a gift.  Unable to keep him, his owners took great care to find a place where he could exploit his energy by being a part of life here on the farm.  We love him and he returns the favor!

In late September, we had a inquiry to consider adopting an eight month old Australian Shepherd.  Ron not one to pass up a challenge, said yes... so here he is, Riley, the Christmas Elf!  Who couldn't love a face like this!







Luke, sheep dog in training.  Note the tiny reflection at the bottom right of the truck window... a sheep he is eyeing!   That'l do, Luke!  Good job...

The twins are growing like weeds, and it won't be long before they are walking, then look out, Andrea!  Their first visit to the farm last October... quite a lap full, Grand Pa!


Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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